Monday, 14 August 2017

Supporting Systems

This doodle was done quickly in biro this week. It's been a busy week as I had care homes at the start of the week and then my Mum went into hospital to have an operation on her spine. It was very worrying as there are lots of things that can go wrong but thankfully, all seems to have gone well and she seems to be healing. Even while she's putting up with my cooking. I nearly forgot to feed the cats the other night. I don't think one of them has forgiven me yet. All seems to be well though at present so I am happy enough. I've been getting on with paper work which has been neglected recently. Hopefully, my Mum will have a lot less pain now and be able to walk a little bit more easily. We will have to wait and see though and she's not a good patient. She wants to be up and doing things and trying to get her to sit down and take it easy can be really difficult. It may get to the stage when I wait for her to have a snooze and then tie her to the chair. I may have to give her a little bit of slack as she has to keep moving around, resting and walking and moving. Just not too much. That'll keep her out of mischief.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Ickworth Visit

I thought at the start of last week, that I would have a lovely week to plan things and do some work and generally be all nice and relaxed. Somehow, it didn't work out that way and it all seemed to go up in smoke. I did manage this little doodle at the start of the week. Mid week, Mum and I had a bit of a break and wandered around the gardens at Ickworth near Bury St Edmunds. It was lovely and is a very striking house. We plan to go again but I was happy to see a green woodpecker while we were there and a nuthatch too. The nuthatch is a pretty bird and it was bigger than I actually thought they were. I thought they were about sparrow size. We plan to go again as there is quite a lot to get round there and we only did a fraction of it. They had a nice little garden shop there too. Well worth a visit. The cats paw appears to be ok. We stopped him going out at night and had a little feel of his paw when we could and just checked there was nothing obviously wrong. He's walking fine again now, so we'll keep an eye on it for now.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Little Limpy Lump

This is from the 'Showing Journal' last year. I've had a quiet week, a week where you try to get things done as you have a bit of time to do them. Went up to the church yard to check on Dad's grave and give it a tidy, each time we went up there, there was a funeral taking place and we didn't like to intrude on other peoples grief. It was odd because in the five years that we've been going up there we've never once seen another funeral. Then we see two in a week. Also, one of the cats has hurt his paw in some way. We kept him in at night and it seemed to improve but when we let him out he was limping on it quite heavily. He's let us have a look and a feel and there's nothing obvious but it seems like time to see the vet just to give it a check. Knowing him he's probably been fighting as he's a bit of a scrapper. Hospital with Mum again tomorrow. I'll have to write a list of things I have to do and work through them this week.

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

It's been a week of hospital visits. Me, to check I'm still fit to have a kidney taken out and Mum's had some checks and tests. That's been about it this week. Had an excursion into Ipswich, tried to help someone that was lost but as I never take any notice of the names of streets, I don't think I was too much help. I just kind of waved them in the general direction. There was quite a storm at about 4am one morning. I was woken by a cat landing on the bed before disappearing under it. The other cat then appeared streaking round the bedroom door and straight under the bed. It was quite bad. Continuous lightening and continuous thunder for about twenty minutes and what sounded like numerous strikes. I fell asleep as it moved away, it was very dramatic though. I sketched Flo yesterday until she noticed me doing it and put her paw over her head.

Monday, 17 July 2017

No Joke

Two pigeons having a chat. Sounds like it should be a joke but I can't make it work. They wouldn't be chatting like that if our cats were anywhere near them. I'm a bit late posting this week as my brother and his family were here for the weekend, so it was nice to watch films and eat things I shouldn't really. My computer decided to update itself and took about three hours doing it but on the upside I now have Paint 3D on here, which is a nice little thing to play with in a dull moment. I had a very busy week last week but this week is a little less hectic. We've just got hospital visits this week. At least the tennis has finished and isn't dominating everything on tv any more.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Travelling Arts

A nice busy week. It started with a drive down the A12 to Chelmsford to help a friend paint wooden characters in a woodland setting. It was very enjoyable, except for the drive. I did a few care homes and had another cartoon accepted by 'Private Eye', so not a bad week at all really. The weather has been too hot for our cats and they've been sleeping a lot, just lying about and Flo has been anti social, which isn't like her. There's not a lot on tv as the tennis is on. I don't mind watching tennis occasionally but I'm not obsessive about watching it all and keeping up. I dip in and out when there's not much else interesting on. A bit like I do with golf. Took Mum for a consultation at the hospital and it looks like an operation is required, possibly within the next two months. So an interesting week altogether.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A Titchy Bit Interesting

This was a drawing I did for 'The Showing Journal'. I've just completed another drawing for them. The week has been quite steady, the sessions went fairly well. My sister visited this weekend and it's been nice to see her and the weather has been lovely too. I found myself looking at photos of Harry Champion, the Music Hall comic this week. I have a fascination with the history of London and he is part of that rich tapestry. I was also reading about Little Tich, who was born about 1860 and died in the 1920's. He stopped growing at 4"6 and had six fingers on each hand. He used this to his advantage though, devising ways of making the crowds waiting to go into London theatres laugh and generally busking and entertaining them for money. He eventually got his break and made it onto the stage. His stage name, Little Tich, then became part of the language we still use today. The word titchy, meaning small, is derived from him and his stage name. I find this all very interesting for some strange reason. It's odd to think that just as my Granddad's were experiencing their very early years, Little Tich (real name Harry Relph) had become an older man and was coming to the end of his life. I was watching some old film of his routine, it's over 100 years old now. The music halls are nothing but history and only kept alive by the likes of Roy Hudd, who coincidently, I share my birthday and birthplace with. All very interesting. I shall be looking into it more I think.