Saturday, 18 March 2017

Car Cares

These are doodles that I did last week, I was thinking of Georgian things but it's come to nothing really. I have another two or three projects I want to start working on, so this one is on the back burner for a bit. I feel a little better this week, even though I had to part with a lot of money for the car's M.O.T. It was painful and I got a bit fed up wandering aimlessly round Ipswich , though I did take a couple of vouchers my sister had given me and spent them. I'm rather pleased with what I bought too. Yes, they were children's books! The weather was lovely on that day too, so at least I wasn't wandering round in the pouring rain. I did some price comparing in various craft shops as well, so it wasn't time too wasted. The good thing about the Uni in Ipswich is that there are now lots of shops with art and craft supplies. I used to have to go to Woodbridge to find a decent art shop. Typically, the weather has gone a bit rubbish for the weekend. We're definitely heading the right way now though.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Struggling On

I have found this week very difficult to get through. It's worse because it was an average week. It wasn't a bad week, no one was harmed or died or anything else that makes you feel like the world is against you. I've just really struggled to get through the week. I had a few sessions and they seemed to go ok. I can't work out why it was such a struggle. I wonder if I'm suffering from a little anxiety. I've booked an appointment with the Doctor because I'm also tired. On the upside the daffodils are all out and it's getting warmer and brighter. Everything seems to be in bud and shooting. I had a couple of nice drives in the Suffolk countryside in the sun this week. I appreciate it more because in the old job, where I was positioned in the building, there were no windows. I had to move out of the area to see what was going on with the weather. These are some more sketches of my sleepy Flo cat.

Saturday, 4 March 2017


I had hoped to play about with this a bit more this week but I haven't quite got round to it. I've had quite a lot of little things that needed doing. I have had a quiet week but next week is busy again. I've been playing with salt dough this week. I'm currently making it with or without oil and air drying to see what the effect is, whether it cracks or whatever. Also how well it will store and that kind of thing. I shall then attempt to paint it and see how we go! I'm hoping to use it with a care home soon but I want to work out the pit falls before I get there. I've begun to have stress dreams where I turn up at care homes and I've forgotten the paper, so I find paper for everyone by running round and improvising, then someone asks me for a pencil but I've put them somewhere else and don't have them with me, all the while I'm apologising and running round trying to put things right. It makes me more careful about making sure all the materials I need are packed in advance. The flowers are out though!! I have spotted daffodils this week, also pansies in some displays. We have lots of little purple mini irises in our garden. I can finally start to come out of hibernation. I am so glad we're on the up and up.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Wet and Windy Doris

It's been a busy week this week and I haven't had much time to catch my breath. Which is good. This sketch was done as I went and waited at Ipswich Hospital for Mum to have a chest x-ray. We've had a really nasty cold, but while I took about a week to get over it, she's been really struggling because of all the drugs that she takes to suppress her rheumatoid and osteoarthritus. The Doctor wasn't happy with the way her chest sounded so he wanted an x-ray done. We're now waiting for results. I've been making spring flowers with my older folk this week, which they seemed to enjoy. I've been noticing that the buds on the trees are fattening up too. Storm Doris hit our area pretty hard but at least we kept our electricity. Some people in this area lost their electricity for over a day as trees and branches coming down were affecting the power lines. We didn't have too many problems. The cats decided staying in was the best option. Can't say I really blame them. I would have stayed in too, given the choice. I went out and dodged fallen trees in the car instead. It makes for an interesting life anyway.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Simple Snowdrops

This was a quick sketch of my older niece done last weekend but she moves too fast. We all went and saw 'Sing' at the cinema, which was really very good and we all enjoyed it. The next day my youngest niece went down with a really nasty cold. The day after that it was me and my Mum. It was a horrible cold. Fortunately the week coming up is a busy week, whereas last week was a bit quieter, so luckily I had some time to get over it. Which I nearly have now. Mum was not so lucky, as due to her medication, her immune system is pretty suppressed and so it's really taken it's toll. She's having to rest up a bit. We went and saw an out of hours Doctor today, just to check nothing was too out of hand and that no antibiotics were needed. Fortunately all is well. Just got to wait it out. I went out today for the first time in a few days and in that time, all the snowdrops had come up. There are some really lovely patches of them all along the road sides now. There were also some daffodils, not quite out but ready to start coming out in the next couple of weeks. There are crocus' in the lawn as well. So we're another week nearer and the days are opening out a bit.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Flakey Snow

More flurries of snow this week. Nothing substantial I'm pleased to say but some of my journeys out to Stowmarket and the surrounding areas have felt very grim. Grey mists hanging in the black trees and the whole landscape and sky just various shades of grey. I actually like to see the snow because it gives a bit of variety and somehow it all looks less grim. We're another week down though and another week nearer to the spring. This week wasn't too bad, it's been very interesting in some ways. We're waiting for my brother's family at present. It's snowing but not hard enough to lay , just enough to distract you by falling from the sky. The cats have been staying indoors and abnormally reticent to disappear off exploring. I have a fairly quiet week next week work wise and then I'm busy the week after. That's what I like!

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Everything Must Change

Another boring week. I've given myself a project to work on, of which the above is a doodle, I've been doodling a lot this week. There's an image in my head but it's nowhere near being resolved at present so there is a lot more doodling to be done. A lot more doodling. I was thinking a field of barley with a moon in a dark sky with a suggestion of a hare in it but it looks more like a field of rape seed oil and the hare in the moon just isn't anywhere near what I want yet. I did try another but that looks like the pig in the moon the more I look at it. This one is going to bug me for a bit I think. I continue to drag myself through this wintery, dull, grey and damp period of the year. It's miserable but we're yet another week closer to the spring and I have spotted the daffodils and other green shoots beginning to force their way through the soil. This makes me feel better too. It is taking longer to get dark in the evening as well. Everything must change soon I think.