Monday, 3 October 2011

Downton thoughts and a drawing.

Downton was quite good this week. Still not enough on Mr. Bates and Anna. I feel we're building up to something more though. I reckon there'll be trouble between Mr. Carson and Thomas, looks of disdain are whizzing about between the two of them. There are injured soldiers all over the place, and power struggles abound. And poor little Daisy!! I reckon her engagement will be short lived, I can't see her bloke surviving - he's much too nice. Canon fodder is my prediction. I may miss it next week as I'm due to go out unless I can do a quick bit of rearranging. We'll see. This drawing is an older one again, It was a design for a logo I did for Deben Radio and which they use on their web site. It's the Sutton Hoo mask, as the Deben is the river that runs past Sutton Hoo.