Saturday, 2 November 2013

Best of Times,Worst of Times

This is a drawing some of you who know me well may recognise. What a week! Started this week with a heavy cold and a storm which knocked out the electricity for two days and grid locked Ipswich with closed roads. I struggled through all that and swapped my day off for Thursday which was just as well as I had to call paramedics out to my Mum, whose nose decided to bleed massively for no good reason. We couldn't stop it the conventional ways so I had to call a paramedic and she was taken to hospital and had it cauterised. Later on that day however, I went to a Quentin Blake lecture and he had a few words with me and signed my book. That was fantastic - he's always been an inspiration to me. Crashed the next day as my cold still hasn't gone and I feel really bad. Hopefully I'll have time to heal now, I think I did most of last week on adrenalin.