Saturday, 22 August 2015

Back To Work

Back to work this week and it's been busy. I walked in on the first day back, ten minutes early, to be confronted by four customers already waiting for me to open up. I was ten minutes early because I like a little time to organise myself before the off. The cats are happier. R.J followed us around for two days like we were going to disappear at any moment. He's more settled now and taking himself off to look for other cats to fight. My sister is in the middle of heaven knows where and last I heard, there was a volcano erupting and they were all in danger of being evacuated. Worryingly, we haven't heard anything since. I assume she's ok and wait for her to get in touch. It may just be she has no wifi. It's my little niece Mina's birthday today and she's eight. I love her to bits and hope she has a lovely day. I'm hoping I haven't caught a cold.