Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Week's Woes.

It's been an ok week only ruined by the actions of a few nutter terrorists in Paris last night. What have they proved? Nothing that they wanted to, that's for sure, but they did prove that we all work fantastically when we work together and that it's not sad, little individuals that make the most impact, it's communities and countries pulling together and supporting one another. We should feel sorry for these poor little brain-washed terrorists, sent off to kill innocent people for the warped beliefs of cowards too frightened to do it themselves. Insecure people will always want as much money and power as they can lay their hands on. Leave them to it, when we all work together we create something much greater than all of us. In other news, I hate the weather. This is Catherine's ghost looking at the candle that Heathcliff leaves burning in the window for her. I'm having a creative blank at the moment.