Saturday, 9 January 2016

Cat Alarm Clocks

A fairly quiet week. Flo the cat has developed a new way of waking me recently. This involves a flying leap from down by the side of my bed, to land expertly in the middle of my tummy and then she walks off me. I am then awake. She then comes in for the cuddle. A little while later my alarm clock goes off and she ignores me switching the snooze on, two minutes before I am due to get up, she gets up and walks off. I am sure that cat is psychic. She'll usually run to sit on the bedroom window to watch for me returning from work ten minutes before I arrive, or she'll be sitting in the hall way as I come through the door. I find it fascinating. My Grandma used to be able to tell when my Granddad was due home because, whatever time he came home, the dog would go and sit at the front window waiting for him ten minutes before he was due to arrive. How do they know? It's very interesting.