Monday, 15 February 2016

M A Show at Candid Gallery

What a week! It's been quite full on. I've had to deal with London buses (it was a lot easier when you just handed over the money. Now you have to have an oyster card or pay contactless - glad a shop keeper made me aware!), navigate the tubes and deal with lots of people in small areas when I'm a lot more used to large areas and small amounts of people. It's been fascinating, it's been terrifying. I've encountered good and terrible coffee. I've loved it. I think the show went really well, though all of us participants were too strung out and worried to properly appreciate how things were going. I'd like to say thanks to everyone on my course for all your help and support in many different ways, I've really appreciated everyone. A special thank you to my good friend Linda Robinson who went above and beyond the call of duty when I was in London. Thank you Linda, it was really appreciated. I'm sorry it is over and I will post some photos soon.