Friday, 4 March 2016

And Breathe.

A calmer week. I'm back to work and everything has gone as well as I could have wanted it too. It was lovely to see my friend Kurste and her husband Dave, who had a weekend in Cambridge and came to see the show. I had some very nice feed back on my work. I have to go up to Cambridge twice in the next week, fortunately I have some time off to do that. In other news, I completed my last medical test for the kidney tests and I await other tests now, like proving I'm related to my cousin. I met James Timpson yesterday, one of the main men for the Timpson's group and he came over as a very positive and genuine person. I think it's nice they drop in to speak to the people on the ground and see how things are running. This is another drawing from my Wuthering Heights series.