Friday, 18 March 2016

Searching for Spring

This is a drawing which I think I posted when it was half done. It's another one from my Wuthering Heights series. It's been a hectic week and Mum had to be taken to hospital by an ambulance very early on Sunday morning. Thankfully, it was just very bad gastro enteritis brought on by a change in prescription drugs for arthritis. Oddly when I left the hospital at half four in the morning, there were bunnies hopping around in the hospital grounds. I've never seen them there before. I was annoyed with the pathetic drunks who are taken in and left vomiting in rooms that could be used for people with things that are properly wrong with them. I wonder how they'd feel if a drunk took up the time of medical staff if someone they loved were in desperate need of medical attention. The medical staff were brilliant to Mum and very thorough even in the face of adversity. Mum was discharged midday on Sunday. I'm searching for Spring.