Saturday, 17 December 2016

Christmas Fears

I was doodling thinking of deep thinking this week. I'm into my festive period of watching every version of the 'Christmas Carol' that I possibly can at present. I really love that story. Charles Dickens didn't write better, in my opinion. I do feel a bit sorry for Marley though. Nobody ever came back from the grave and warned him that his chain would be that immense. When Scrooge changes his ways, does that mean that his chains don't get any larger or that they can be shrunk in some way? Does Scrooge change completely or does he need reminding every now and again that he's changed. In the story, he was quite old and set in his ways. I always like the Christmas lights and some of the expectation that goes with this time of year, however, I can't stand the pushing and shoving and selfish crowds who are all trapped in their own little hells trying to make a 'perfect' Christmas. Whatever their interpretation of that is. The waste too. When I worked in the shop we used to watch people every year, pushing trolleys full of mountains of food that would end up going to waste, because unless it was for a party, there's no way four or five people could possibly get through that amount. Just waste for wastes sake. A real shame, in the proper sense, when some folk have to rely on food banks. In fact, the story of Scrooge is more relevant in our generation than it has been any time since the Victorian age. Except, I think that selfishness is much more hardened in people now. They feel justified sneering at anyone needy and seem to wear their ignorance and selfishness as a badge of pride. We live in a very sad and sick society.