Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Break

I've had a lovely week. The weather was good and not as bad as the forecast suggested and I was on a break with my family in North Norfolk. The most amazing thing was that we saw more horses where we stayed than we did cars and I didn't think anywhere still existed where that was true. We had some lovely walks and some lovely pub meals and we had a big family barbeque and a big family dinner and it was all pretty wonderful. In fact it was so good, we may consider it again. I did a little drawing and the above was a sketch from my bedroom window. We got to see a lot of pheasants and a few hares too, so I was really pleased. When we came home my sister-in-law and nieces took me to see 'Beauty and the Beast', I thought it was very good. My smallest niece made me laugh when she jumped up mid film and shouted 'he deserved that! He REALLY deserved that!' when Gaston died after shooting the beast in the back twice. So a very good week indeed and this coming week my nose goes back to the grindstone. Onwards and upwards.