Sunday, 2 April 2017

Heavy Tolls

This was another one for the magazine, 'The Showing Journal', although this one wasn't used as I had to change the riding attire. The pony had been rolling in the sand. It's felt like a long week. I had to have blood tests and they've now sent me for more blood tests. My guess is nothing came up on the original tests and they're trying other things now to rule them out. I've been feeling very tired and wondered if my thyroid was to blame as the other women in my family suffer from underactive thyroids. We will see. Perhaps I just need a good holiday. In other news, I had to travel down to Surrey this weekend as we had a group meeting of all the 'Creative Minds' artists and it raised some useful points. I just find all the driving in London stressful as I'm more used to driving in Ipswich and the countryside surrounding it. Fortunately, it wasn't too bad and I paid the toll for the Dartford crossing before I went, so I didn't have to worry about that. I have another busy week coming up now, workwise. That's good though.