Sunday, 30 April 2017

Slow Week

It's been a slow week and a quiet week. We had a visit from a grey heron. We see it occasionally and the last time it was around, I wondered what one of the cats was staring at, until it stepped out from behind the chimney of the bungalow next to ours. I don't know whether Flo was thinking of it as a great challenge or whether she was terrified. It could have been either. Knowing her, she would have had a go. This is a cat that brought in two squirrels once. I'm glad she doesn't do that any more. The weather has been so cold. I don't mind cold if it's cold and bright, I don't like cold and grey though. I think we did better than a lot of the rest of the country though. You have to count your blessings that it's not worse than it is. We could still end up with snow if the weather is so inclined.