Saturday, 8 July 2017

Travelling Arts

A nice busy week. It started with a drive down the A12 to Chelmsford to help a friend paint wooden characters in a woodland setting. It was very enjoyable, except for the drive. I did a few care homes and had another cartoon accepted by 'Private Eye', so not a bad week at all really. The weather has been too hot for our cats and they've been sleeping a lot, just lying about and Flo has been anti social, which isn't like her. There's not a lot on tv as the tennis is on. I don't mind watching tennis occasionally but I'm not obsessive about watching it all and keeping up. I dip in and out when there's not much else interesting on. A bit like I do with golf. Took Mum for a consultation at the hospital and it looks like an operation is required, possibly within the next two months. So an interesting week altogether.