Friday, 23 October 2015

Panic Sets In

Which do you like the best, or rather, which do you think works the best? Please let me know as I'm having a crisis of confidence at the moment and everything I produce looks wrong. One minute I like it and the next time I look at it I don't like it. I'm feeling a bit tired and fed up. I've had three more tests this week and bumped into an old friend who works in the hospital (I bumped into Jennis, Linda, and he's looking very well and he's very happy). I had to have an exercise test this week which was harder than I thought it would be, just to make sure my heart was working as it should, especially as I have a heart murmer and they wanted it thoroughly checked. It was not really a problem and I think I got a rather pleasing average result. Back to work next week and I feel like I haven't really had a break. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.