Saturday, 28 November 2015

Black Hole Friday

I feel a bit lost this week, like I should be being washed along on the huge wave of consumerism and Christmas music that I can't actually be bothered with. Black Friday didn't even touch me, even though I was confronted with a huge wall of electrical goods in front of our area, all at dramatically slashed prices. After checking out a printer, and deciding the catch must be in the prices of the ink and paper, I decided I wasn't in the least interested. My sister was home for a flying visit and it was lovely to see her, she's off to do chalets in France for the ski season now. I've been unable to draw this week which is slightly concerning. The drawing above is another rejected effort from my sketch book. This is Isabella, who took a liking to Heathcliff and ran away to marry him, only to end up hating him pretty quickly afterwards.