Friday, 4 December 2015

Dead Mice, Not Nice

I've been drawing the above today and I'm not really sure of it. I've taken it from the description of Wuthering Heights kitchen in the book. I'll keep looking at it until I decide what to do or whether to just leave it. I feel very tired today, strangely enough I've had the day off work as I'm doing a favour for my colleague and working tomorrow. R.J cat brought in a dead mouse this week, we haven't had one since though. I don't think that he was too pleased that we took it away from him. He was in the middle of playing when I found him. Still, hopefully we won't have any problems with rodents. I'm against bombing Syria as I don't see what it will achieve. Our input will be hardly worthwhile and I reckon that we'll now have random bombs going off round the country. If they think all the terrorists are sitting in Syria waiting to be bombed, I think they're going to be sadly disappointed.