Saturday, 30 April 2016

Death Looks and Dinner

It's been a quiet week. My sister came home for a flying visit and we took her out for dinner. We are very lucky because although the village we live in doesn't have a handy village shop that sells newspapers and confectionary, (although we do have a lovely little shop where you can buy nice presents), we do have two or three pubs near us which do excellent food for reasonable prices. So we tootled off to one of those, despite death looks from the cats who realised there was to be no scrounging of titbits that evening. I have to work the next three days but then get a couple of days off and will probably have to make a trip to Cambridge. That's all next week though. I hope the weather will be a bit more like spring as it's been flipping freezing this week. The drawing is my most recent one of a hare.