Saturday, 7 May 2016

Half a Giraffe

It's been a busy week and I feel quite wiped out. I worked over the bank holiday, which I don't mind as I prefer to go and do things when there aren't a lot of people about. On Thursday my cousin Rachael and I went up to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge to be scared witless by a surgeon. He was actually very nice and if this all goes ahead, he's the one that will be performing my operation. It may take place in June. The trains weren't running on the way back, so it took an hour longer than usual, which is just typical. The trains have been really quite good all the time I've been going to Cambridge. I am really pleased that the weather has warmed up. The giraffe drawing is a work in progress. I'm quite fond of giraffes, I really can't understand the fools who want to shoot them. Do giraffes eat people? No. Do they pose a threat to humans? No. Can you eat them? It's not well known. Are they taking over the universe? No. The only possible reason anybody would want to shoot a giraffe is because they're mentally unwell and they happen to have a gun.