Saturday, 10 September 2016

Mixing It Up Genetically

The photo above, is a photo of the fields we have behind our house and the drawing I did a little while ago and have somehow added snow to, though I can't remember doing it or even why I attempted it. I've not had time this week to sit down and draw for various reasons. It's just been a mad week and I've chased my tail a bit. Work has been just as mad as my personal life and trying to take breaks is nigh impossible when I'm working by myself. If I do manage to get away for a break, I end up with whingeing people when I get back and I'm never gone longer than half an hour. We're not even anywhere near Christmas yet either. I'm dreading that already. We'll have to see what happens. At the moment I really feel like I could do with a week off as my stress levels are quite high. For those of you not on Facebook, I got a DNA test done to determine my ethnicity. It's absolutely fascinating. I'm 46% of Great British genes, 39% of Western European genes (so French/German/Swiss), 7% Irish, 5% Scandinavian genes and I have traces of around the Spanish area, around Italy and Greece and around Finland and North West Russia. My family are English as far back as anyone wants to go so it's nice to know all these other cultures have a part in my make up and that my ancestors travelled a bit, though admittedly, not as much as they could have. I don't think many of them could have been a big fan of the warmer climates. It explains my fair skin. With genes like that there's not really much of a chance of getting a tan. Fascinating stuff.