Friday, 16 September 2016

Optimistically Moving Forward

It's been a tedious week but it's gone now and I'm glad. It feels good to be moving on and I already feel that little breath of freedom. I handed my notice in this week, with more than a little relief. I go on into some instability but I prefer that to being stuck. I'm happy to step out and give this venture a good go. It will hopefully be different, interesting and critically, less stressful. The drawings are a couple of pages from my sketchbook of my youngest niece as she was playing when they came to stay this weekend. I want to be drawing more like this and practising this sort of thing. I will have to manage my time a little better and organise myself. That should be possible in the near future. There is no let up in the pace however and it looks to be hectically busy well into October at the moment. I just have to hold on with it and then gradually the pace should slow and I'll be able to start relaxing and enjoying things a bit more. Really looking forward to it.