Friday, 23 September 2016

A Big Step

Another sketch book drawing here. I'm still trying to draw children. I should hopefully have more time to do it, probably in the new year, now. Life continues at an extremely fast pace, when I'm not trying to sort out bits of the new business, I'm at work, working off my notice and usually rushed off my feet. Most of the customers say they're sorry to see me go. I've worked in that building now for nearly fifteen years, so it's a fair amount of water under the bridge and high time I was moving on and trying something else. When I first started working there I was paying off debts that had built up. Once they were paid off, I enjoyed having a little bit of money and being able to relax a bit financially and have little luxuries. The time has come to try something new though as I've felt unhappy for some time and I've had very itchy feet. Another three weeks and life changes and I start a new adventure again. Monday is a big day and Wednesday probably will be too. I'll let you know next week!