Saturday, 1 October 2016

Making a New Start

It's been a very busy week. I've done two art sessions in care homes and really enjoyed them both. Not large groups but enough to be able to chat with folk and be there to suggest things. I think the residents have enjoyed it too and I have been asked to go back to one home but the activity coordinator was ill at the other place, so I'll have to chase that I think. I have made a start though and got over the fear of going in all by myself and organising things. Work was very busy too. I'm just working my notice now, so I have a couple more weeks to go and then I'm free of the stress of all that. I think I've found it difficult this week as I caught a cold and it's been dragging me down quite a bit. Today is the first day I've had free for a while and I was supposed to be at a meeting today. Again, because of the pressures of everything else, I haven't been able to draw much but I did manage this little sketch of a rabbit in pen as I have an idea mooching around at the back of my brain trying to come out in some form. Happy birthday to my friend Linda, I hope you have a really lovely day.