Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cold Discomfort

What a week. I didn't catch a cold last year so my body decided I needed to have a really bad cold to compensate. I was completely knocked out for the most of last week. Couldn't go to work, had to reschedule care homes. It wasn't flu as I managed to get out of bed but it was worse than the usual cold that you normally just work through. I'm still recovering. I'm hoping it's out of the way now as this month is due to be madly busy. I think from this point on I'm in run mode. This is my last week at work, then I have my graduation, I have more tasters to do for care homes and also dentist, flu jab and probably optician and some things which escape me at present until I get hold of my diary. Five more working days! Just want to get on with bringing in the changes now. My one regret this week, is that I haven't really done any drawing. I spent three days asleep and the rest of the week trying to catch up with everything that I'd missed. At some point I should actually have the time to begin to indulge myself by drawing again. The drawing above was done for the 'Showing Journal' last month . In other news, I had to bribe Flo the cat with fish after trying to put a flea solution on the back of her neck. She wouldn't even stay in the same room as me for half the day. Fortunately, we had fish for tea and she can't resist fish, so we soon made up again as she couldn't bear the thought of not having a good bit of my fish.