Friday, 25 November 2016

Pre Christmas Dinner

I'm away this weekend, my sister is doing a mini Christmas/christmas dinner for us, as she is away in France this winter again. I've had a decent week and went to do a session at a care home in Hartismere in Suffolk,(incidently where my Mum was born), it's right next to Eye. I've been asked to go back, so all good. I really enjoyed that one too, they had a brilliant little room, just made specifically for crafting and making and painting. Every care home should have one really. Does anyone else believe all this black Friday rubbish? I can't see the point. It's come over from America and this is the first year that they've really tried hyping it in England. I think it's all a big con and only really there to make people think they have to spend quickly to get bargains that aren't really bargains. I'm totally ignoring it. I had to go and have a filling early on in the week. I haven't had a filling since my early twenties and it was only because an old filling finally fell out. I didn't like the bit that felt like she was using an angle grinder to get rid of any debris of old filling. Otherwise she was quick and efficient and it was over very speedily. I'm still aware of it at present though. Mum and I went out for a meal together this week to remember my Dad who we lost four years ago this week. It goes so quickly. Every moment of that day is etched on my memory. We knew which way it was going but really didn't expect it happening at the speed it finally did. He held on until my brother and sister and myself all got there and then a few moments later he was gone. I'm glad he didn't hang around suffering and dragging it out. That is a blessing.