Sunday, 20 November 2016

Week of Whinges

These are sketches of one of our cats, Flo, as she was giving me a cuddle this week. I've had a frustrating week. Went out to deliver a session and was turned away because of illness, rearranged the date and went back and this time there were no staff and the residents were still recovering, so I've given up with that one temporarily. Another care home then asked me to rearrange when I got there as their residents were having choir practise with a school and the school had rearranged things at the last moment. As a lot of the residents that do the session with me were also in the choir it was decided that I'd return in the next week instead. I'm hoping that's my week of delays and frustrations out of the way now. Flo came and soothed me though, so I made a few sketches of her. I need to do a few of RJ now as well.