Sunday, 13 November 2016

Trips and Hazards

This is another one that I did for 'The Showing Journal' a little while ago. Had quite a good week last week, except for turning up at a home ready to go and being told everyone was ill. So I had to go home again and they rebooked. Not to worry, these things can't be helped. It was a lovely morning and a very picturesque part of Suffolk, so not all bad. Yesterday, I took a good three hour drive out of Suffolk and returned to Derbyshire for the day to see my friend Tracey and her lovely family and to meet her basset hound, Bertie.. It had been a few years, due to studying and time but hopefully I'll be able to do it a bit more regularly from now on. They'd made lots of road improvements too, since I last did it, so because I got confused I did end up taking little detours that I hadn't intended which isn't so great in the rain. It always amazes me how fast people still go when the conditions on the roads are terrible. There was so much spray you couldn't actually see the wheels of the cars ahead, they seemed to blend into the road and become invisible in greyness and spray and I was thinking about stopping distances and aqua planing but no one else seemed too worried as they hurtled into the unknown ahead. You only need one person to make a mistake and everyone then becomes involved. Still, luckily for me, while I was there all was well and I returned to Suffolk late last night. I have another good week next week. Let's hope so anyway.