Saturday, 18 March 2017

Car Cares

These are doodles that I did last week, I was thinking of Georgian things but it's come to nothing really. I have another two or three projects I want to start working on, so this one is on the back burner for a bit. I feel a little better this week, even though I had to part with a lot of money for the car's M.O.T. It was painful and I got a bit fed up wandering aimlessly round Ipswich , though I did take a couple of vouchers my sister had given me and spent them. I'm rather pleased with what I bought too. Yes, they were children's books! The weather was lovely on that day too, so at least I wasn't wandering round in the pouring rain. I did some price comparing in various craft shops as well, so it wasn't time too wasted. The good thing about the Uni in Ipswich is that there are now lots of shops with art and craft supplies. I used to have to go to Woodbridge to find a decent art shop. Typically, the weather has gone a bit rubbish for the weekend. We're definitely heading the right way now though.