Sunday, 21 May 2017


This was just a doodle that I did yesterday afternoon. It had all got a bit dreary and the cats didn't want to go out. It was a perfect day for curling up in a chair with some chocolate, a drink and a good book. So I doodled it off the top of my head, as you can probably tell. We had some blue tits nesting in one of our nest boxes, so we've been keeping the cats in at night. Birds seem to fledge quite early in the morning and we thought they could probably do without two cats watching every attempt. I don't think too many attempts would have been allowed if the cats had been there. So we're hoping that they have successfully fledged and it's all gone very quiet, as we got used to being shouted at by the birds if the cats went too near where they were working. Many was the time I had to tempt a disgruntled moggy away from the area. I must cut the grass though. It really needs cutting. I may do it today. I will do it today!