Sunday, 11 June 2017

Don't Mention The Election.

This is a doodle I did this week. It was something I thought I'd try after seeing similar things elsewhere in sketchbooks. It's quite nice and I may try some other things with it. It's been a strange old week. There's been a general election and massive upsets to the systems and I'm quite happy with it all. My main concern and hope was to get rid of the Tory majority, so I'm feeling very happy. In my opinion all parties should be forced to work with each other for the general good. They should throw away the system and get all of them working together. I was also pleased to see the smugness wiped off the faces of quite a few arrogant Tories too. It was very satisfying. There's lots to be done though and no one can afford to rest on their laurels. Time to all work together and get the show back on the road. I lost the internet for a couple of days after the election but we're up and going again now. I have a very busy week ahead. All good.