Sunday, 18 June 2017

Baking Britain

These are two recent sketches of our cats again. It's so hot, I can't go out in it. Well, I could but I think I would probably shrivel up. I'm not good in intense sun. My brother thinks I tan from blue to white and I have trouble trying not to dazzle traffic with my super whiteness. While the rest of society goes a lovely golden colour and tans into beautiful shades, I go a brilliant, bright red. That's why I don't bother. I got second degree sun burn when I was twelve and had to have all my blisters treated in hospital. I love the sun and warmth and brightness but it doesn't much seem to like me. I am a shade loving creature. The person who everyone wants to sit next to on public transport, to show off their tan. I didn't tell you my good news from a few weeks ago. I put it on Facebook and then didn't write it up here. I got two cartoons in 'Private Eye', which I was very pleased about. I have a busy week coming up this week.