Sunday, 23 July 2017

Let Sleeping Cats Lie

It's been a week of hospital visits. Me, to check I'm still fit to have a kidney taken out and Mum's had some checks and tests. That's been about it this week. Had an excursion into Ipswich, tried to help someone that was lost but as I never take any notice of the names of streets, I don't think I was too much help. I just kind of waved them in the general direction. There was quite a storm at about 4am one morning. I was woken by a cat landing on the bed before disappearing under it. The other cat then appeared streaking round the bedroom door and straight under the bed. It was quite bad. Continuous lightening and continuous thunder for about twenty minutes and what sounded like numerous strikes. I fell asleep as it moved away, it was very dramatic though. I sketched Flo yesterday until she noticed me doing it and put her paw over her head.