Sunday, 30 July 2017

Little Limpy Lump

This is from the 'Showing Journal' last year. I've had a quiet week, a week where you try to get things done as you have a bit of time to do them. Went up to the church yard to check on Dad's grave and give it a tidy, each time we went up there, there was a funeral taking place and we didn't like to intrude on other peoples grief. It was odd because in the five years that we've been going up there we've never once seen another funeral. Then we see two in a week. Also, one of the cats has hurt his paw in some way. We kept him in at night and it seemed to improve but when we let him out he was limping on it quite heavily. He's let us have a look and a feel and there's nothing obvious but it seems like time to see the vet just to give it a check. Knowing him he's probably been fighting as he's a bit of a scrapper. Hospital with Mum again tomorrow. I'll have to write a list of things I have to do and work through them this week.