Saturday, 18 June 2016

Lion Heart

It's been a sad week. England continues to be completely divided and the Labour MP Jo Cox was shot and died. She seemed to me, to be one of the good guys, fighting for unity and tolerance in a divided world. I think perhaps this is why her death has really touched me. I feel for the little family she has left behind and all because she tried to help others and listen to them. I really do question what is happening in our country. There is so much selfishness and intolerance. I tried something a little different this week, I dropped my little pen lines and just tried painting the face of this lion. I think it has worked ok. I also think it is a fitting tribute to Jo Cox and people similar to her, who must have the heart of lions to fight for peace in a world that wants to selfishly fight for whatever it wants, despite who it may harm or maim or kill on the way.