Saturday, 11 June 2016

Lion of Thought

Here is a rather boring drawing of a lion. I'm still playing with ideas but lions come into the picture so I've been doodling with them. It's been a traumatic week. I went for a mammogram and ended up having a biopsy of a lump. I'd been told the lump was there but my family has a history of harmless cysts so I wasn't too worried but apparently they want it checked even though they think it's nothing. I was told to close my eyes and I did. I think the thought of it was actually worse than the procedure which was very quick and surprisingly painless. It was all quite stressful but the staff at Ipswich Hospital were absolutely brilliant. I should get the results next week. On Tuesday next week we're back at Addenbrookes Hospital, this time to convince people that no money is changing hands and that we're properly related. Rachael has to take her Dad's birth certificate and I have to take my Mum's birth certificate, plus our own and then we have to sign the register and make everything legal. I think after that were clear to have the op. Onwards and upwards.