Saturday, 9 July 2016

And Onwards

Some more sketchbook work this week. I've been drawing lions and girls. It's my way of forcing myself to draw children and people but still drawing animals which is what I most enjoy. I have a way to go but I will do it. This week hasn't been too bad, apart from not doing much drawing. It was Mum's birthday and I took her to the Maybush in Waldringfield for her birthday treat. It's a lovely pub, the food was great and the service was very good despite the fact it was very busy. It's also the place where the cartoonist Giles spent a lot of time. He had a boat there and used to draw a lot around there. They have a big cartoon, that he'd done of the pub, on the wall in the dining area. Giles used to live in the village I now live in too. We also had a family get together the week before in the Swan at Westerfield. My brother and his family came up and my sister and her wife also came up and they stayed in the B&B where Giles used to live. I was most jealous. Politically, nothing has been signed and everyone's getting excited because the new Conservative leader will be a woman. They're both as awful as each other with Teresa May probably the lesser of two evils but not by much. I don't think these women leaders do much for the cause of women. They just prove they can be much worse than men. We've yet to have a female in charge that I actually respect (and I must say we're pushing it in the male stakes too), but who knows, it may happen yet on my brief stay on this planet. I'm watching with interest to see how Rupert Murdoch will get Tony Blair off the hook. Tony Blair the closet Conservative. I'm very cynical about it all now. Perhaps if these politicians started thinking about what was actually good for the country and not about how to increase their personal wealth we would actually start getting somewhere. Just seen a pig fly by the window.