Friday, 1 July 2016

Where To Now?

I've been very stressed this week without realising just how stressed I am. We're a week on from Brexit and everyone in power is having a go at everyone else in power. We seem to be without leadership of any kind and nothing has changed. It's just bizarre. I think the Conservatives are looking for someone to take the fall now, the one who signs the document to free us from the EU and opens the gates of hell as the country crashes and burns before rising from it's ashes to it's brave new world. We hope. I would just like to say sorry to the rest of the world for Nigel Farage. England doesn't like him much either and I can happily say that man has never spoken for me. He's a joke. The unhappy thing is some people take him seriously. This week I have found an old cartoon that I did about five years ago. I was contacted by a German lady this week who wanted my permission to use it in a book she is writing about evolution. Permission was happily given and I also asked if she would donate to a charity instead of giving me payment, which she has done. So that was the high point of my week. Let's hope next week is a better week.