Friday, 5 August 2016

Time Off For Good Behaviour

This is an Alice in Wonderland doodle which I just sat down and drew from my head today. I just wanted to loosen up and play a bit, use a bit of colour, as I feel I've been a bit bogged down with work and worries and I wanted to just not worry and produce something. I want to work on my figures quite seriously now as they're lacking. The more worried I get about things the less likely I'm able to do anything constructive. I want to get out with a sketch book but I don't like having to field the conversation of the curious. Just got to bite the bullet again. I've been out and about this week to Lavenham and to Cromer and had a couple of ice creams and a very nice cream tea in Lavenham. Warm scones and everything. I hadn't got anything planned for my time off as I thought I was going to be in hospital at this time. While I'm waiting I've been told to lose as much weight as I can so that I recover as quickly as possible. Cream teas and ice cream don't help a lot but they do help with mental well being!