Saturday, 29 October 2016

And Onwards!

After all the excitement and disruption of the past two weeks everything began to settle down again this week and I have realised how disciplined I am going to have to be. Lists and crossing them off have become pretty crucial. Things are off to a nice steady start and although it's very slow, things are positive. Things health wise haven't been so great though. Just when I could have done without having to pay out, I've been told I need a filling as an old filling going back to the seventies has fallen out and needs redoing. I didn't really realise it was gone. I was aware a month ago that something was irritating me but then it went away. Then I went to the hospital for a check up but because a result came back that was unexpected it looks like I'll have to go through another series of tests now to make sure that nothing is wrong. At least I don't have to get time off work to get these things done now. I just rearrange the day. The drawing for this week is an old drawing I did for the 'Showing Journal' from May. I've been doodling but nothing to show yet.