Sunday, 8 January 2017

Gentle Start

I've had a nice gentle start to my new year and I'm back to work tomorrow. I started doodling about again this week and messing around with a little bit of colour. I've been trying to tidy and organise working spaces as I have a tendency to work with everything at hand and that leads rather quickly to clutter. Along with my love for magazines and books it can all get a bit out of hand. I don't want to end up like those hoarders you see on tv where people have to walk through towers and walkways of junk! My saving grace is that I get to a certain point and then have to have a massive clean up as I'm not a great fan of clutter. I just don't see it when I'm working. We are entering the period of time in the year that I find most difficult. I really don't like January and February. November is always busy, December every one puts up lights and looks forward to Christmas but January and February are just dark and gloomy. I spend all my time watching for any signs of spring starting. At least February is a short month and by March the plants are beginning to bud and shoot. Well, we've marked off one week already.