Sunday, 29 January 2017

One Month Down!

It's not been a bad week, the sessions I had seemed to go well and I've been planning another round of ringing round for next week. There's still a lot of the area I haven't got to yet. I had 23 people in one session last week, I split it into two separate hour sessions. The lady there bought me a card and a plant to say thank you for the free session and also booked me for a paid session. It's slow but still moving slowly in the right direction. The above drawings are of Flo, the cat. She was a bit miffed as I wasn't sitting down and giving her a cuddle. As she was sitting staring at me, I started sketching her. She wasn't that pleased. Even the weather has not been that bad this week and it's been nice to have a little brightness around the middle of the day. I've found if I sit with my daylight lamp and do some drawing it doesn't feel quite as bad. The days are lengthening slowly, January is nearly out of the way and February is a slightly shorter month so we'll soon be in March. We're getting there.