Saturday, 21 January 2017

Winter Blues

I'll be glad when we get to spring. I'm not really a morning person at the best of times but in winter I could quite happily sleep through the morning and get up and carry on until the early hours next day and then repeat. In the summer, I really enjoy being up at five but in winter I'd rather get up at five in the afternoon. I find winter a massive effort. This weeks saving grace has been the bright middle of the day. I went to a home this week which left me feeling a little down, fortunately these places aren't common in my experience and so far, I think it's the staff that make the places. If the staff are engaged with the people they are looking after, then everything runs well. If they are worn down and see it as the day job and not making people happy and comfortable at the end of their lives when things are difficult, then the home really doesn't prosper. Caring is a very difficult job. I admire those who do it well. Still, we're another week nearer the spring.