Saturday, 4 February 2017

Everything Must Change

Another boring week. I've given myself a project to work on, of which the above is a doodle, I've been doodling a lot this week. There's an image in my head but it's nowhere near being resolved at present so there is a lot more doodling to be done. A lot more doodling. I was thinking a field of barley with a moon in a dark sky with a suggestion of a hare in it but it looks more like a field of rape seed oil and the hare in the moon just isn't anywhere near what I want yet. I did try another but that looks like the pig in the moon the more I look at it. This one is going to bug me for a bit I think. I continue to drag myself through this wintery, dull, grey and damp period of the year. It's miserable but we're yet another week closer to the spring and I have spotted the daffodils and other green shoots beginning to force their way through the soil. This makes me feel better too. It is taking longer to get dark in the evening as well. Everything must change soon I think.