Saturday, 11 February 2017

Flakey Snow

More flurries of snow this week. Nothing substantial I'm pleased to say but some of my journeys out to Stowmarket and the surrounding areas have felt very grim. Grey mists hanging in the black trees and the whole landscape and sky just various shades of grey. I actually like to see the snow because it gives a bit of variety and somehow it all looks less grim. We're another week down though and another week nearer to the spring. This week wasn't too bad, it's been very interesting in some ways. We're waiting for my brother's family at present. It's snowing but not hard enough to lay , just enough to distract you by falling from the sky. The cats have been staying indoors and abnormally reticent to disappear off exploring. I have a fairly quiet week next week work wise and then I'm busy the week after. That's what I like!