Saturday, 4 March 2017


I had hoped to play about with this a bit more this week but I haven't quite got round to it. I've had quite a lot of little things that needed doing. I have had a quiet week but next week is busy again. I've been playing with salt dough this week. I'm currently making it with or without oil and air drying to see what the effect is, whether it cracks or whatever. Also how well it will store and that kind of thing. I shall then attempt to paint it and see how we go! I'm hoping to use it with a care home soon but I want to work out the pit falls before I get there. I've begun to have stress dreams where I turn up at care homes and I've forgotten the paper, so I find paper for everyone by running round and improvising, then someone asks me for a pencil but I've put them somewhere else and don't have them with me, all the while I'm apologising and running round trying to put things right. It makes me more careful about making sure all the materials I need are packed in advance. The flowers are out though!! I have spotted daffodils this week, also pansies in some displays. We have lots of little purple mini irises in our garden. I can finally start to come out of hibernation. I am so glad we're on the up and up.